About Us

Focus on Comfort Class Residential Real Estate

Best-in-class housing for Russia’s growing middle class

We are very proud of our product, which we believe offers our customers the best value for their money. We operate in the comfort class, in the sweet spot between economy and business classes. This is the “sweet spot” because we sell at prices that are accessible to a much broader customer base than business class, while our customers are in a more secure financial position than those who buy economy class apartments, as we saw during the crisis. We effectively offer our customers business class build quality at affordable prices.

One of the keys to success in our segment is the instalment plan payment scheme that we offer. Etalon Group’s tailored instalment plans make it possible for more families to purchase apartments with balanced payments that fit within the family’s budget on the one hand while, on the other hand, ensuring stable cash-collections for Etalon. We offer our customers unique instalment plans, with down payments ranging from 10 - 90% and payment periods of up to 40 months or more. This allows us to tailor payment schedules to fit the disposable incomes of our customers.