About Us

At a glance

Etalon Group is one of Russia’s largest and oldest residential real estate developers, with a market-leading position in St Petersburg and a growing presence in the Moscow Metropolitan Area. With over 30 years of experience in real estate development and construction, it has one of the longest track records in the Russian real estate industry.

Presence in Russia's largest markets

  • Focus on middle class residential real estate in Moscow metropolitan area (MMA) and St. Petersburg metropolitan area (SPMA)
  • 11% CAGR for deliveries over 2010-2018 (1)

Strong delivery track record

  • Over 30 years of construction & development experience
  • 6.3 mln sqm commissioned

True vertical integration

  • Strategic vertical integration in key value-added segments of property development enables the Company to control costs, quality and timing
  • 5 thousand employees
  • Country-wide sales network covering 58 cities

Diversified projects portfolio

  • Total Project Portfolio of 2.7 mln sqm (2)
  • Land bank sufficient until 2022
  • Projects well diversified by locations within both SPMA and MMA

Liquidity and credit ratings

  • Secure liquidity position  
  • Low leverage: 0.7x net debt / EBITDA(3)
  • S&P credit rating: B+ (4)

Corporate governance 

  • 11 Board of Directors members, 6 Independent Non-Executive Directors
  • Board of Directors consists of professionals with broad range of experience and expertise, ensuring that the interests of all groups of shareholders are appropriately represented
  • Monthly visual updates on projects, quarterly trading updates and semi-annual financial reporting
  • Official guidance on deliveries and new contract sales
  • Dividend policy aims to pay out 40% to 70% of IFRS net profit semi-annually


(1) Company operating results;
(2) Knight Frank Assets Valuation report as of 30.06.2018;
(3) IFRS Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2017;
(4) Long term global scale credit rating of Etalon Group subsidiary Etalon LenSpetsSMU (last reconfirmed on 26.06.2018).
Last updated: 01 April 2019