Business Conduct

Etalon Group adheres to regulatory requirements and ethical standards across its operations. We aim to ensure that any contractors, consultants and agents representing our interests also follow best practices in terms of business conduct. Etalon Group currently implements a number of provisions aimed at combating corruption and discrimination, and also ensuring fair and competitive tender procedures for our counterparties. These include the Company’s Code of Corporate Ethics and the Etalon Group Regulation on Tenders, which govern the Company’s key values and ethical principles, as well as how the rules are monitored and enforced. In accordance with the provisions of these documents, the Company has established and maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption and discrimination.

Fair competition

Etalon Group selects its suppliers and contractors on a competitive basis. The main principle in the selection process is to ensure fair competition. Tender procedures are governed by the Regulations on Conducting Tenders:

  • The Company does not permit violations of antitrust laws, including unfair competition;
  • Etalon Group strives to work with contractors who have an impeccable reputation, comply with the law, and generally accept the norms of corporate and business ethics;
  • All applicants must undergo a standard screening procedure. The requirements for applicants have been formalised and include:
  • positive experience working with large construction companies;
  • high quality in terms of the materials supplied, equipment used and work performed;
  • strict compliance with deadlines;
  • availability of sufficient human resources and the necessary production and technical facilities; sound financial standing;
  • solid business reputation; 
  • compliance with regulatory requirements, including the availability of the necessary licences and certificates;
  • Companies that do not fulfil these requirements and thus are not listed in Etalon Group’s Register of Accredited Counterparties and Suppliers are not eligible to participate in tenders for the performance of work for, or the provision of supplies to, Etalon Group. Decisions to include a counterparty in the Register or to remove a counterparty from the Register are made by the Accreditation Committee in the region where the applicant company is located;
  • Group employees have no hidden preferences and do not create advantages for individual suppliers or contractors. The Company has a standing Tender Committee, which is designed to ensure open competition between counterparties and to determine the best-possible conditions for Etalon Group in terms of collaboration. The Tender Committee selects the winners of competitive tenders and appoints experts on technical and economic issues in the framework of the tender process;
  • The Company conducts random quarterly reviews of counterparties on the basis of the following key criteria: quality, compliance with deadlines, safety, fulfilment of contractual obligations and accounts receivable owed to the Company. Disreputable contractors are excluded from the Register and are not considered as candidates for collaboration in the subsequent 12 months.

Anti-corruption policy

The provisions of the Code of Corporate Ethics establish the following guidelines:

  • Etalon Group employees are required to comply both in Russia and abroad with the relevant requirements and restrictions outlined in anti-corruption legislation;
  • Etalon Group does not tolerate any form of illegal influence on the decisions of state bodies. These include bribery, offering inappropriate gifts, the practice of nepotism among civil servants, engaging in charity or sponsorship at the request of civil servants;
  • Etalon Group does not participate in political activities and does not finance political organisations;
  • The employees of Etalon Group are prohibited from representing the Company in business relations with organisations in whose activities an Etalon Group employee has significant personal interest other than the interests of Etalon Group, including (but not limited to) cases of where an employee, close relatives or family members have significant participation in the authorised capital or management bodies of such organisations;
  • Employees are prohibited from engaging in business or other commercial activity (including participation in the authorised capital or management of legal entities) that is made possible as a result of a position held within Etalon Group. This includes the use of business connections and of opportunities provided by the Company;
  • Etalon Group employees are prohibited from accepting gifts either in kind or in monetary terms from a third party in connection with their professional duties;
  • Employees of the Company should avoid situations in which there may be a conflict of interest.

Anti-discrimination policy

Our main principles of zero tolerance towards discrimination are:

  • The Company does not tolerate any form of discrimination against employees based on age, race, ethnicity, sex, or other principles defined in Russian Federation law;
  • No form of harassment or coercion is accepted, whether by word of mouth, writing, image, gesture, action or otherwise;
  • Etalon Group provides employees with favourable conditions as well as equal opportunities to upgrade their qualifications and achieve their potential;
  • Etalon Group welcomes so-called work dynasties, where specific skills are passed down from one generation to the next, but protectionism based on nepotism is prohibited. The Company limits cases of direct or indirect subordination involving relatives;
  • The Company ensures protection against any form of discrimination. In the implementation of the Company’s personnel, wage and social security policies, any preferences based on nationality, sex, age, etc. are prohibited.