Etalon Group is committed to minimising its negative impact on the environment and aims to optimise its business processes in accordance with its Sustainability Policy. The Company tracks its responsible use of resources, protects biodiversity and the ambient air, and properly disposes of waste during its operations. In addition to strict compliance with Russian environmental laws, the Company also takes additional steps to improve measures aimed at environmental protection.

2022 Sustainable development results:

Environmental protection

Environmental protection
24 %

reduction in total water sourced from 874 ths m3 in 2021 to 667 ths m3 in 2022

Waste Recycling

Waste Recycling
909 ths tonnes

of construction waste recycled

GHG Emissions

GHG Emissions
21 %

year-on-year reduction in unit GHG emissions 

Focus of ESG activities and initiatives

Etalon Group is aware of the importance of protecting natural resources at all stages of its operations: from the design and construction stage to the usage of properties by residents. Our priorities in environmental stewardship are the responsible use of resources, monitoring greenhouse gas emissions and raising environmental awareness.

In accordance with the Group’s current priorities, the following goals and initiatives have been identified:

  • Tackling climate change
    • developing “15-minute city” projects to reduce urban traffic and decrease the Company’s carbon footprint
    • increasing the number of energy-efficient buildings in Etalon Group’s project portfolio
  • Responsible consumption of resources
    • improving the collection and analysis of data on resource consumption, including on greenhouse gas emissions
    • developing the Company’s electronic document management system and, at the same time, reducing spending on paper products
  • Raising environmental awareness
    • creating guidelines for residents on responsible resource consumption
  • Adherence to the principles of transparency and accountability
    • certifying properties in line with green standards
    • regularly disclosing information on resource consumption

Etalon Group hopes that the phased realisation of its goals concerning environmental stewardship will help improve its performance and create long-term value for all stakeholders.