Social responsibility

Social responsibility is an important aspect of the Company’s policy. For many years, Etalon Group has been supporting a variety of educational, environmental, social and charitable projects as well as projects related to historical education and sports. In doing so, the Company’s aims are to promote a positive environment and a healthy society, to encourage socio-economic development in the regions where it operates and to establish a conducive business environment in those regions.

Development of social infrastructure

In 2022, Etalon Group opened three preschools and delivered one general secondary school:

  • a new, state-of-the-art preschool for 160 children as part of the House on Blyukhera residential complex, which was nominated for an award in the category of Best Social-Purpose Facility
  • a state-of-the-art preschool for 220 children and an advanced office for paediatrics on the grounds of the Galactica residential complex
  • a three-storey preschool for 90 children, with a total area of about 3 ths sqm, at the Petrovskiy Landmark residential complex
  • a general secondary school for 625 pupils as part of the Etalon City residential complex

Preservation of cultural and historical heritage

One of the fundamental principles of Etalon Group’s philosophy is to respect the history of the locations where its projects are being developed. Etalon Group is building the Silver Fountain residential complex and, at the same time, carrying out restoration work at the site of the Alekseevskaya water-lifting station, which is part of the capital’s cultural and historical heritage. The Company preserved the historical buildings at the site, which, after restoration, were used to develop infrastructure for the residential complex, and it also restored the legendary Wallace fountain, the only one in Moscow.

Developing local communities

Every year, Etalon Group hosts events at its finished properties to celebrate the New Year, Knowledge Day, Cosmonautics Day, Victory Day and Maslenitsa, and the Company also pays a great deal of attention to regional holidays, which are especially important for the local population.

In addition, Etalon Group plays a role – as partner or organizer – in numerous educational projects. The Company also works with schoolchildren and students to encourage an interest in architecture and to create a pool of talented young professionals. In 2022, the Group organized events in partnership with leading universities: the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, St Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, the Engineering and Construction Institute at the Peter the Great St Petersburg Polytechnic University and others.


Every year, Etalon Group provides charitable assistance to various social facilities, finances sporting and recreational events, and supports charitable foundations. In total, 48 charity events were held in 2022, and the total amount of charitable assistance provided reached RUB 154 million.