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Vertical Integration

Truly vertically integrated business model

Etalon Group is the only company in the sector that can boast true vertical integration, with two strong construction management companies, four general contractors, eight subcontractors, a crane company, a brick factory and a nationwide sales network. In addition to homebuilding, the superior quality of our offering means that we are a trusted industrial construction partner for clients including General Motors, Toyota, Ford Motors, Bosch, Siemens, Nissan, Suzuki and Gazprom.

Our unique nationwide sales network, which covers 14 of the 15 wealthiest regions of Russia and spans 52 cities in total, is also an important contributor to our overall sale.

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We have our own acquisition and permitting specialists, as well as in-house architects. This gives us greater control over costs, quality and the timely delivery of projects. Our integrated model also means that we are able to use input from our in-house sales and marketing team to help us design residential complexes that meet our customers’ needs.

At the same time, we have selectively integrated only key parts of the construction materials business to address key bottleneck areas. This gives us assurance that we have the right supplies at the right time, but without burdening the Company with significant industrial production sites that are dependent on a constant flow of work.