Invigorating Stream

Ushinskogo street, 2/1, lit. A

Invigorating Stream is an economy class residential complex, located in the Kalininsky district, the most populous district in St. Petersburg. The complex consists of a single 16-storey residential building with underground parking, constructed using poured concrete with brick elements and ventilated facades. The complex features children playgrounds, guest parking and recreational areas.

The development is within a 15-20 minute walking distance to Grazhdansky Prospect metro station and close proximity to major roadways, including Lunacharskogo prospect. Situated in one of the most ecologically clean areas of St. Petersburg, known as Grazhdanka, the development is adjacent to Marinsky stream and surrounded by parks. The development is surrounded mostly by residential buildings. The area has well-developed social and commercial infrastructure and a reliable transport network, including the city’s ring road, which facilitates travel to the downtown area and nearby neighbourhoods. It takes approximately 40 minutes by car to reach the city centre. The project is in close proximity to several popular vacation destinations, such as the Kavgolovskie lakes, several ski resorts and recreational parks. 

Key facts

  • Stage of developent:  Completed
  • Date of completion:  2008
  • Total net sellable area: 54,198 m2
  • City: St. Petersburg