Near Rostral Columns

Birzhevoy lane, 2,4,6

Near Rostral Columns is a premium class residential complex, located in the historic Vasileostrovsky district of St. Petersburg. The project comprises several interlocked 4-storey townhouses, five 7-8-storey buildings and a 7-storey hotel with a restaurant, spa and fitness centres and retail premises.

The project is situated at Birzhevoy lane, close to the Petrogradsky district. It takes approximately 10 minutes by car to reach the city centre. The nearest metro station, Vasileostrovskaya, is within a 10-minute walking distance

Key facts

  • Stage of developent: Completed
  • Date of completion: 2006
  • Total net sellable area: 69,152 m2
  • City: St. Petersburg