House on Kosmonavtov Prospekt

One of the main advantages of this project is its location. It is located in a popular Moscow district, with established social, recreational, shopping, and entertainment infrastructure and excellent transport accessibility. The project is a 10-minute walk from the Zvyozdnaya metro station and has access to major roads. The complex is situated close to a number of stores, as well as educational and sports facilities.

In contrast to densely populated areas where there is little greenery, the House on Kosmonavtov Prospekt is near the picturesque Pulkovo park, which features a pond. In the landscaped areas of the complex, there are places for sports and walking as well as a preschool with space for 50 children.

Key Facts

  • Stage of development: Under construction
  • Total site area: 1 hectare
  • Total net sellable area: 27 ths m2
  • City: St Petersburg