Normandy is a comfort-class residential project comprising four residential buildings of up to 22 storeys each, underground parking facilities, a preschool and a primary school. The project is located in Moscow’s Losinoostrovsky district, which has well-developed infrastructure, including educational and healthcare facilities, shopping malls and cafes. It is one of Moscow’s greenest neighbourhoods, with the 12,000-hectare Losiny Ostrov National Park less than 3 km away from the complex, and Torfyanoy and Tayezhny Parks within a 10-minute walk.

The district lies in close proximity to the Moscow City Ring Road (MKAD) and has easy access to major transport routes. The complex is within walking distance of two metro stations, Medvedkovo and Babushkinskaya.

Key facts

  • Stage of development: Under construction
  • Total site area: 4.4 hectares
  • Total net sellable area: 131 ths m2
  • City: Moscow