Social responsibility

We consider the health and safety of our employees to be our most significant operational responsibility, and we adhere strictly to Russian government safety regulations in this area. We strive to create a healthy and safe working environment at each of our facilities and sites. We also educate our staff on safety issues through annual occupational safety workshops, and ensure that they have sufficient knowledge of workplace safety procedures before they are permitted to work on a site or in a facility.

All our equipment is certified by the Russian authorities for compliance with work safety requirements under Russian law. We also conduct our own inspections when installing any equipment in order to ensure proper installation and safety.


Etalon’s development projects are designed to include extensive social infrastructure, so that residents are able to move into an established and fully functioning community. In addition to housing, this means that we build the infrastructure for stores, entertainment facilities, fitness centres, schools, medical centres and so on.

Our strategy on developing social infrastructure focuses on working together with local authorities when we sign investment contracts. Sometimes, Etalon itself pays for the construction of social infrastructure (this is most common in projects with authorities in Moscow). In the case of privately acquired land plots, the planning permission may require the inclusion of social infrastructure in the project, and this is usually compensated from municipal budgets. Educational facilities form an important component of our projects. We want to support families with children and thus encourage long-term sustainability of the communities created by our larger projects.

A number of new educational facilities were opened during 2016:

  • Emerald Hills: A new fully equipped preschool of 1,600 sqm and with 80 places for children, including children with disabilities, opened in June. In addition, Preschool No 8 at the same project was awarded special status by the Moscow region’s Education Ministry in recognition of the innovative educational methods it has developed since opening in 2013. Advanced facilities available at Preschool No 8 include a swimming pool, sport and music rooms, an art studio and even a mini-museum devoted to Russian culture and traditions.
  • Swallow’s Nest: School No 690 opened its doors on 1 September, the start of the new school year. The school has 825 places for children and a total floor area of 21 ths sqm. It also includes two swimming pools, two spacious sports halls, a football pitch, a basketball court and running tracks.
  • Molodezhny: A new preschool opened on 1 September, with places for 95 children.

In addition, in 2016, permission was obtained for the construction of a preschool at the Moscow Gates project.

The company also dedicated space or undertook work not directly related to construction of residential housing at several projects in order to support cultural and historical awareness, or to meet municipal needs, including:

Historical and cultural sites:

  • Emerald Hills: The construction of the Cosmonauts’ Alley open-air museum dedicated to the history of space travel, which opened on 18 March 2015 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first space walk.
  • Galactica: The construction of a museum dedicated to the history of Russian Railways at the site of the former Varshavskiy Vokzal train station.


We seek to support local communities in the areas where we operate and throughout Russia. For example, we place great importance on remembering the veterans who fought fascism in World War II and residents of Leningrad that survived the Nazi blockade. 

Also, Etalon provides financial assistance towards the costs of specialist treatment and care for children with serious illnesses, and supports purchases by charitable foundations of medical supplies and equipment needed to treat and care for sick children.


We are proud of all our teams across the Group, and focus on employee development on an ongoing basis through a number of training programmes. We also seek to ensure that our employees have sufficient social protections to support their long-term wellbeing. Etalon Group provides financial assistance to its employees for important life events such as the birth of a child, in the event of an illness or accident resulting in temporary disability, after the death of a relative or in the event of loss or damage to property as a result of a flood, fire, theft or natural disaster. We also provide loyalty premiums to employees for long-term employment with our Company, to honour significant contributions to the Company’s development, and upon retirement to recognise loyal and dedicated service to Etalon Group.